About Legends Distillery

Legends Distillery prides themselves on being a meeting point between old and new. Between tradition and innovation. They take family distilling traditions and introduce a 21st century finishing method that utilizes technology they patented themselves known as ‘Quantum Purity.’ Welcome to the new frontier of craft spirits.

For the Cumming, Georgia distillery, the journey began in 2007. Founder Michael Gerard set out to build an award-winning distillery centered around their patented ‘Quantum Purity’ technology. The tech makes for a cleaner, purer spirit. And after the first finishing run, Legends Distillery knew they had a world-class spirit that needed to be shared.

All flavor and no burn. That’s what the ‘Quantum Purity’ purification process promises. Legends Distillery’s patented method removes at least 50% of impurities found in traditionally distilled spirits. As a result the craft vodka, bourbon, and whiskey from this Georgia distillery are ultra pure and incredibly smooth.

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