About Loch & Union Distilling

California’s Loch & Union Distilling started as a fleeting thought between friends before blossoming into what it is today. An award-winning, small batch distillery. Led by co-founders Colin Baker and Matthew Meyer, the American Canyon-based distillery passionately makes intricate craft gins.

Loch & Union attributes their uniqueness to the people that make up their team. Together, they have countless years of experience producing wine and spirits all around the world. Their passion for distilling is deeply ingrained in each of them. And that makes for a difference you can taste in every glass.

Every part of Loch & Union’s distilling process makes their craft gins special. Like their closed-loop distillation system, making them water and energy sustainable. But the distillery’s pride and joy are their custom-built CARL copper pot-column stills. Designed by Colin and made in Germany by CARL, the functional pieces of art allow them to produce craft-quality gin on a commercial scale.

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