About Lonely Oak Distillery

Amidst the endless cornfields of Shelby County, Iowa, is the micro-distillery oasis of Lonely Oak Distillery. Founded by a pair of farmers, they’re proud to be Iowa’s first farmer-distiller. Well, first legal farmer-distiller that is.

Farmers Pat and Amy Hoffmann founded Lonely Oak Distillery in 2017 after the realization that they wanted to do more than just harvest their grains. They wanted to do something unique, something universal, something celebratory. They thought, “What fits that bill better than distilling some of the finest craft spirits that Iowa has to offer?”

All of Lonely Oak Distillery’s award-winning craft spirits start with grains grown on the Hoffmann family farm, and if the Hoffmanns don’t grow it, one of their local partners is growing it specifically for them. From tilling the soil, planting the seeds, selecting the grains, distilling, maturing and bottling, their craft is everything. And it’s a homegrown difference you can taste.

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