About Lucy Pistolas Mezcal

From Guanajuato, Mexico comes a mezcal that toasts to hard work. A glass filled with the singular Lucy Pistolas Mezcal is a toast to the hardworking women across the globe. It’s a toast to those that give everything they can to affect change and bring people together. To all those role models, this one’s for you.

Lucy Pistolas Mezcal starts as a beautiful harvest of perfectly ripened Agave Salmiana. Under the supervision of a third generation Maestro Mezcalero, the agave is cooked carefully. But Lucy Pistolas is a one-of-a-kind symbol. The cooking process has to be as singular as the women it’s honoring.

Instead of cooking the agave with firewood, it’s cooked with steam. The gentler process allows the Agave Salamiana’s natural flavors and terroir of Mexico to shine in Lucy Pistolas Mezcal. Its sweet and fruity undertones are marked heavily by herbal and spiced aromas. Gather all the inspiring women in your life around a bottle of Lucy Pistolas Mezcal, it’s time to toast.

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