About March First Brewing and Distilling

Ohio has a storied history of excellence in a long list of different industries. Their quality distilleries are no different. As Cincinnati’s only combination brewery, cidery and distillery, March First Brewing and Distilling puts that legendary Ohio virtue in every drop of their craft bourbon, whiskey and vodka.

Founded by Mark Stuhlreyer and Kevin Kluener, March First Brewing and Distilling is a love letter to their home state of Ohio. Inspiration for their distillery’s name came from two dates 214 years apart. The paperwork to register their company was submitted on March 1st, 2017. Just a handful of years earlier, Ohio became a state on March 1st, 1803.

March First’s love of Ohio doesn’t end with their name. Their Sycamore Whiskeys are distilled to celebrate Christian Waldschmidt. In 1794, the American Revolution veteran started a community in Sycamore Township. He built a general store, a church and, most importantly, one of Chincinnati’s first distilleries. Just a short distance from his settlement, March First is continuing Waldschmidt’s pioneering and distilling legacy.

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