About Marian Farms

Located in Fresno, California, Marian Farms has been in the Nonini family for decades. But when it was her turn to take the mantle, Gena Nonini took her family farm in a new direction. Farming the Biodynamic way to distill the cleanest craft spirits possible.

For three generations Gena’s family has been working the land at Marian Farms. But her time working as an export commodity trader changed the course of the family farm. On a business trip to New Zealand and Australia, she was introduced to Biodynamic agriculture. By the 1990s, she had introduced the farming philosophy at Marian Farms.

All of the raw ingredients for Marian Farms’ craft spirits are grown on site. The Biodynamic way. They treat their whole farm as a singular, interconnected system. The proof is in the product. Espirito Biodynamic Brandy, Farmhouse Pisquita and their Farmhouse Curaçao, every craft spirit from Marian Farms is undoubtedly flavorful.

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