About Mascaro

Some things are so good you do them the same way since 1919. In the center of Penedés, Barcelona’s local wine trade is the city of Vilafranca. For over a century, the Mascaró family has called the area home, distilling pristine wines and spirits.

But it wasn’t until the 1940s that the family became the brand. The Mascaró family moved operations to a bottling warehouse, built a distillery and changed their name. Wanting to make a spirit that was wholly a piece of their family, they bought the ‘Mas Miquel’ vineyard estate. Now they became Mascaró, and they are still fully family run.

Marcaró’s Vermut Premium Siset is the ultimate tribute to the company’s founder, the current leader’s grandfather, Narciso Mascaró. He was lovingly known as ‘Siset.’ WIth a base of white wine from the Mas Miquel vineyard, the spirit is aged in oak barrels previously used for brandy. Barrels bought by Narciso Mascaró himself.

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