About Mezcal Villasuso

For three generations, Mezcal Villasuso has been crafting fine, authentic mezcal for everyone to enjoy. Don Villasuso was already a master distiller when he founded his mezcal distillery in 1950. In 70 years, they have not changed a thing. The award-winning Mezcal Villasuso is just as delicious today as it was when they first opened their doors.

Mezcal Villasuso is now in the hands of its third Maestro Mezcalero, Pedro. With a time tested recipe and Agave Salmiana from San Felipe, Pedro masterfully distills Mezcal Villasuso. Not only is this authentic Mexican Mezcal, but every drop contains unadulterated Mexican terroir. And they achieve that in an unquestionably unique way.

Unlike most, the Agave Salmiana in Mezcal Villasuso is not cooked with firewood. Rather, it’s steam-cooked. The singular cooking process retains the agave’s true flavors. Those flavors find their way into every bottle of Mezcal Villasuso. Sweet, fruity and spicy, it’s an unforgettably enjoyable sip of pure Mexican terroir.

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