About Milam & Greene Whiskey

Between its hot summers and mild winters, Blanco, Texas has some serious temperature fluctuations. Milam & Greene Whiskey capitalizes on the unique climate to shape their award-winning whiskeys. They also capitalize on nearly 60 years of whiskey experience. The women-owned craft distillery was founded in 2019.

Together, Marsha Milam, Master Blender Heather Greene, and veteran Master Distiller Marlene Holmes comprise the Dream Team of Whiskey. And they all came together to create Milam & Green for a simple reason. They love whiskey. With their unique skill set and deep passion for the amber liquid, they set out to shake up the industry.

You don’t achieve excellence without a little work. Milam & Greene extends their reach far past Texas to create their whiskeys. Sourcing grains and barrels from all across America, they distill on a copper pot still in the heart of Texas and on classic column stills in Kentucky. They blend, batch, and age their whiskeys with a variety of vintage whiskeys to create exquisite flavors.

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