About Montanya Distillers

Nearly two miles into the sky on the peaks of Crested Butte Mountain in Colorado, there’s a female-owned distillery continuing the long-standing tradition of high mountain rum. Montanya Distillers is concocting impeccably smooth craft rums.

Owner and founder Karen Hoskin’s love affair with rum started nearly twenty years before Montanya Distillers was founded. When she was 21, Karen spent six months living with a Hindu family in Goa, India. Before leaving, she was given an aged dark rum on the beach and the obsession began. In 2007, after a career as a graphic designer, Karen realized she wanted to build a brand all her own. She learned to distill and Montanya Distillers was born in 2008.

Montanya Distillers produces three award-winning varieties of craft rum. Each bottle is made with pure Louisiana sugarcane and crisp snowmelt water from the Rockies. The batches are finished with a small dash of Colorado honey to highlight the natural flavor of the sugarcane and the barrels used to age the rums.

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