About Mountain State Spirits

As evidenced by their name, Mountain State Spirits loves their home in Bridgeport, West Virginia. The Mountain State is filled with an endless natural bounty. Mountain State Spirits aspires to bottle that bounty into award-winning craft cordials.

Inspiration for Mountain State Spirits came from founder Jeff Schlosser’s mother-in-law. Around the holiday season, she would distill fruits into liqueurs to share with friends and family. Jeff loved them and started tinkering with recipes on his own. He spent six years testing recipes, during which his long-time friend, and co-founder, Kevin Cunningham joined him. They finally landed on a recipe they knew the public would love too, and Mountain State Spirits was founded in 2017.

Mountain State Spirits celebrates the natural beauty and clean waters of their great state. Using natural ingredients found locally like black walnuts, maple syrup and hazelnuts, they infused single barrel bourbons with rich West Virginian flavors. The results are their award-winning Walnut Maple and Hazelnut Honey Bourbon Ratafias.

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