About Moylan's Distilling Co.

For over a decade, Moylan’s Distilling Co. has been distilling award-winning craft spirits for the people of Petaluma, California. Founded by the son of Irish immigrants, you’d think that whisky was his calling. But it took Brendan Moylan a little while to get there.

Inspiration for the distillery hit after a smooth swig of Scotch. Up until that point, Brendan had made a name for himself in Northern California’s brewing community, opening a number of successful pubs and breweries. But, it wasn’t until this fateful sip of Scotch that he knew it was time to head in another direction. Brendan founded Moylan’s Distilling Co. in 2004.

The craft spirit world is glad Brendan made the switch. Moylan’s Distilling Co.’s whiskeys are each aged for a minimum of four years. Their whiskys will touch three different aging and finishing barrels before they’re bottled. They come out the otherside robust, rich and ready to drink. All together, Moylan’s Distilling Co.’s craft spirits have garnered 39 gold medals. And counting.

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