About Mr. Tom's Spirits

Oceanic breezes and tropical fruits fill the air of Fort Myers, Florida. The ‘City of Palms’ is home to the family owned and operated Mr. Tom’s Spirits. They specialize in clean craft spirits with big flavors sure to satisfy anyone who opens a bottle.

Mr. Tom’s Spirits was founded in 2015 by husband and wife duo Thomas and Renate List. Renate was destined for this career path. She’s part of the Bauer family. Who are they? They’re the family behind a world-famous liquor brand. Thomas needed some coaching. After selling his European business and moving to Florida, Thomas spent time working in a number of distilleries before he and Renate opened Mr. Tom’s Spirits.

Mr. Tom's Spirits focuses on organic raw material, gluten-free products, products low in calories, and with low sugar content. Highest fermented raw materials are distilled through their eight column still on a daily basis. Almost all of their products are triple filtered and aged in white oak barrels, or in one time used bourbon casks.

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