About Myer Farm Distillers

Huddled between Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake in upstate New York is a storied distillery as old as the city of Ovid itself. Founded by the Myer brothers in 2012, Myer Farm Distillers is an award-winning craft distillery putting the history of Ovid into every bottle they produce.

John and Joe Myer’s family has been farming in Ovid since 1810. They’ve been working the land at their current location since 1868. In fact, their family has been in Ovid since the beginning. Their ancestors were among the first to settle in the town in 1789. John and Joe drew on their deep roots and range of skills to open Myer Farm Distillers.

Each of Myer Farm Distillers’ award-winning craft spirits gets its start on Myer Farm. Their grains are certified organic. Their catalogue of craft spirits include vodka and flavored vodka, gin and all types of whiskey. From Pineapple Vodka to Four Grain Whiskey to Coffee Vodka, their kaleidoscopic range of craft spirits truly has an option for everyone.

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