About New Basin Distilling Company

Like any group of buddies with an affinity for a good whiskey, it didn’t take long for this pack of Oregonians to cook up a plan to make their own bottle. The thing that separates Chris Tatro, Ryan Boyle, Greg Williams, and Tom Norton Jr. from everyone else is that they actually did it. In 2013, they opened the doors to New Basin Distilling Company.

Despite what their wives might say, the team behind New Basin are more than just a group of passionate drinking buddies. They’re farmers, cattle ranchers, makers, pilots, and craftsmen. And they don’t believe in doing things the same way as everyone else. They’re doing it their way. Because if they don’t, what’s the point?

New Basin Distilling Company is a true farm-to-glass distillery. They grow and harvest their grain on their farm in Madras. It’s all milled, mashed, fermented, distilled, aged, and bottled on site at the farm distillery using fresh Opal Springs water from the heart of Oregon.

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