About New Columbia Distillers

In Ivy City, Washington D.C.’s industrial backyard, is the capital’s first distillery since the end of Prohibition. Founded by a pair of married couples in 2011, New Columbia Distillers meticulously produces their award-winning craft spirits in their near-century old warehouse.

New Columbia Distillers is helmed by Michael Lowe, Melissa Kroning, John Uselton and Elizabeth Lowe. After life on a Naval submarine and retiring from a DC law firm, Michael spent his time learning all he could about the science and art behind distilling. John worked in every facet of the restaurant industry from bus-boy to manager to award-winning bartender. Pooling their knowledge, distillery ownership is the next logical step.

New Columbia Distillers’ award-winning Green Hat gins get their name from the legendary Washington bootleg liquor supplier and whistleblower, George Cassiday, aka ‘The Man in the Green Hat.’ Alongside their Green Hat Gins, New Columbia Distillers help make Capitoline Vermouth. Made with aromatic botanicals and a red winter wheat spirit, Capitoline Vermouth offers consumers a unique drinking experience.

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