About Nightside Distillery

At 496 square feet, Edgewood, Washington’s Nightside Distillery is the smallest distilleries in America. But don’t let their size fool you, the flavors packed into their award-winning line of craft spirits are anything but small.

Founded in 2013 by Tom Greene, Nightside Distillery grew quicker than he anticipated. Before long, he was ready to upscale, and brought in several partners to split responsibilities in the distillery in 2014. The distillery is named for the time Tom spent working the night shift on the Seattle docks, better known as working the ‘nightside.’ For Tom, the name represents the camaraderie and hard-working spirit of the night shift dock workers that he aims to distill into every bottle.

With their sweeping line of craft spirits comprised of bottles like Fruit Punch and Lemon Drop flavored vodkas to their wholly unique Nightside Whodka, which finds their award-winning vodka aged in oak barrels, Nightside Distillery has something to please every friend and family member around the table.

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