About Nixta Licor De Elote

Appropriately enough, Nixta Licor de Elote is made on land that long ago was once used for planting and drying corn. After remodeling and restoring the property’s old buildings, the focus turned to distilling a corn liqueur that raises a glass to the ancient traditions and contemporary craft of Mexican culture.

To make the award-winning liqueur, the distillery uses an ancestral corn variety known as cacahuazintle. Nixta Licor de Elote is the product of using the corn in two different, distinct processes. One of which is 4,000-year-old corn preparation known as nixtamalization, and Nixta is the first to use it for spirit production.

The heirloom practice creates a flavorful, versatile liqueur. Every bottle of Nixta Licor de Elote is packed with the true flavor of its region. But the craft liqueur does more than capture the flavor of Jilotepec. They also contribute to the local economy by employing residents from the city and neighboring towns, training them to excel in the local corn trade.

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