About Nosotros Tequila

Underneath the warm California sun, Nosotros Tequila marries Costa Rica’s pura vida lifestyle and the rebel spirit of Mexico in each of their award-winning agave spirits. ‘Nosotros’ translates to ‘we’ or ‘us,’ and like the names suggests, Nosotros Tequila and Mezcal are best enjoyed together. With friends, family, and loved ones.

It all began as a simple college assignment. But a passion for great tequila fuelled it to become so much more. Carlos Soto and Michael Arbanas brought Nosotros Tequila to market in 2017. From day one, their mission has been to bring people together and create lasting memories over a glass of tequila.

Nosotros Tequila starts out unlike any other agave spirit out there. Their award-winning juice is a 50/50 blend of two distinct agave regions: Highland and Lowland. The blend yields a complex delicious spirit with sweet aromas from the Highland agaves, and the Lowland agave imbue lasting herbal tones.

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