About Ojo De Tigre Mezcal

Ojo de Tigre Mezcal works under a few simple principles. The first is that the mezcal on your bar cart should be as full of character as you are. And it should never be intimidating. By combining two distinct types of agave plants, Ojo de Tigre creates an approachable mezcal that’s light on the smoke.

Made with traditional, artisanal methods, Ojo de Tigre uses Tobalá and Espadin agave in their craft mezcals. Tobalá is notorious for being hard to cultivate, so the Mexican distillery grows theirs from the fertilized seeds of naturally grown plants. Ensuring their small batch mezcal is sustainable and does not hurt the land.

Ojo de Tigre brings elevated terroir, wild yeasts, and rural ecosystems to your bar cart. Traditionally thought of as a smoky spirit, the essential oils of the Espadin and Tobalá agave blend replaces those signature tones with herbal, citrus, and fruity flavors.

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