About Old Town Distilling Co.

Planted comfortably in the shadows of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is Fort Collins’ Old Town Distilling Co. They’re Northern Colorado’s only certified organic distillery. Craft whiskey, bourbon, gin and vodka. They’re doing it all from scratch.

Old Town Distilling Co. was founded in 2014 by Jeremy Kempter. Opening a distillery was not a leap for Jeremy. For the decade prior he had owned and operated a cocktail bar and nightclub. He serves in a similar role at Old Town Distilling, acting as the Chief Distiller. He didn’t even have to move very far. When it was first opened, the distillery occupied the same space as Jeremy’s bar and nightclub.

From mashing locally sourced grains, to fermenting, to hand-bottling and labelling, every step of the distillation process is done in house. Old Town Distilling Co. aims to be as sustainable as possible. Through partnerships with local farmers, they minimize their waste as much as possible by giving spent grains to the farmers as feed for their livestock.

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