About Palmetto Distillery

An old Greyhound station in Anderson, South Carolina no longer waits for buses to arrive. Now, it’s an award-winning distillery making moonshine and whiskies. Founded by brothers Trey and Bryan Boggs, Palmetto Distillery puts out 25,000 cases a year of South Carolina’s first legal moonshine.

Moonshine and bootlegging are part of the Boggs family ancestry. Trey and Bryan’s great grandfather, Dock Boggs, was a folk music legend. And, in his youth, a bootlegger to help make ends meet. Drawing some inspiration from a newspaper article detailing a moonshine bust, Trey and Bryan decided it was time to continue Dock’s bootlegging legacy. The brothers founded Palmetto Distillery in 2011.

With a still built by a 5th generation moonshiner, Bryan and Trey hit the ground running. Now offering 10 different award-winning moonshines and whiskies. With flavors from Apple Pie to Blackberry to Peach, every bottle captures the bright flavors and covert history of moonshine in The Palmetto State.

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