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Our mission includes having the best selection of craft spirits, and that begins with you!

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About Us
We are America’s only legally compliant online craft spirits retailer, lawfully authorized to deliver your spirits straight to consumers’ doors. Like you, we take pride in doing business the fair, proper, and exceptional way.
Our aim is to get your products into as many markets as possible. Currently, we serve all available markets in the United States.

Supplier Diversity

Behind the scenes of independent distilleries are some of the world’s most diverse voices. At Spirit Hub, we are committed to amplifying those voices to do our part in creating a level playing field for everything in the craft spirits industry.

Spirit Hub Proudly Supports:

  • Women Owned Distilleries
  • Minority Owned Distilleries
  • Veteran Owned Distilleries
  • LGBTQ Owned Distilleries

And more!

   Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to become a partner?

Fill out the vendor application and a member of our merchandising team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

How much does is it cost to partner with you?

There are no fees associated in with working with Spirit Hub. We are fully three-tier compliant. Therefore, as a retailer, we cannnot engage in financial transactions with distilleries.

Do I need to have an active liquor license?

Yes, you must have an active liquor license from the state in which you operate, as well as an Illinois NRD. If you do not already have an NRD, we will work with you to apply for one.

Do I need to work through a wholesaler?

Yes. In order to remain three-tier compliant, we must purchase your product through a licensed wholesaler.

Does my spirit qualify for your website?

According the the American Craft Spirit Association, a craft spirit must be:

  • A distilled spirit made by a distillery producing fewer than 750,000 gallons annually.
  • Produced by a distillery that is not more than 50% owned (directly or indirectly) by a producer of distilled spirits whose combined annual production from all sources exceeds 750,000 proof gallons removed from bond.
  • A product produced by a distillery who values the importance of transparency in distilling, and remains forthcoming regarding the spirit’s ingredients, distilling location, and aging and bottling processes.

Do you partner with manufacturers of non alcoholic products?

Yes! We aim to provide our customer with the full spirits shopping experience, and that includes non-alcoholic products and accessories.

How quickly can a distillery be uploaded to your platform?

The process can take between 6 and 12 weeks depending on a distillery’s active licenses.

Are there any contractual agreements?

In order to participate in the full Spirit Hub marketing suite, you must execute an IP agreement that is set forth to ensure that we uphold compliance between the first and third tier and there will be no breach of tied-house laws.|