About Pennsylvania Distilling Company

Once a new frontier for the early settlers of America, Pennsylvania is now a new frontier for a different type of pioneer. Independent distillers. From a team of brother-in-laws in Malvern comes Pennsylvania Distilling Company. Where they’re using local ingredients to retell Pennsylvania’s distilling history with every craft spirit they make by hand.

From a young age, Richard Buoni had a fascination with the artistic science of distilling spirits. Over the years, he dreamt of opening a distillery, but his career as a chemical engineer got in the way. When time came for a career change, Richard enlisted the help of his brother-in-law, Joseph Amoroso, and got working on the distillery that lived in his head. Two short years later, they founded Pennsylvania Distilling Company.

They're distilling craft whiskey, gin, vodka and rum from unique recipes formulated in-house. All of Pennsylvania Distilling Company’s craft spirits start as non-GMO ingredients sourced from local farms. With unparalleled recipes made with local ingredients, Pennsylvania’s illustrious pioneering history finds its way into every bottle.

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