About Phenomenal Spirits

‘There cannot be good living where there is not good drinking.’ Benjamin Franklin wrote that. Karthik Sudhir and Matt Witzig agree with our Founding Father. Together, they’re Virginia Beach’s Phenomenal Spirits. Founded in 2017, the Virginia distillery is sharing a labor of love, crafted across countries.

Karthik and Matt are passionate about providing people with phenomenal spirits to create everlasting memories. They’ve travelled the world in search of the best cane, grain and terroir to shape their craft spirits. Using the spoils of their travels they’ve made their passions tangible with award-winning craft spirits. And more to come in the future.

Their signature Izalco Rum is a multi-award-winning blend of Central America’s finest rums. Indebted to the region for their marvelous rum, Phenomenal Spirits named the decade-old blend after Central America’s ‘Lighthouse of the Pacific,’ the Izalco volcano. Phenomenal Spirits is a one bottle show for now, but stay tuned for delicious updates from these master distillers and blenders.

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