About Prairie Wolf Spirits

In February 2018, Prairie Wolf Spirits was purchased by a band - a pack, if you will - of friends and native Oklahomans who acquired the portfolio, which features Prairie Wolf Vodka, Loyal Gin, Prairie Wolf DARK and M Whiskey. The new ownership team consists of Dr. Steven Sands, Erik and Drew Tekell, and Jonathon Stranger. This group of friends decided to buy Prairie Wolf Spirits after sitting down with the previous owners to discuss starting their own distillery. The previous owners decided to offer to sell the distillery, and the new team has been in charge since the sale was official on February 5, 2018. The Prairie Wolf Spirits is located in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma. They love Oklahoma, if you couldn’t tell. They’re proud to continue the Prairie Wolf Spirits' legacy and expand nationwide very soon.

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