About Pratt Standard Cocktail Co.

Growing up around the food industry, Tory Pratt’s standard for flavor was always high. Her lifelong education in flavor taught her the importance of ingredients. And In 2014, she turned that knowledge into Pratt Standard Cocktail Co. Their craft cocktail syrups add bold, beautiful flavors to every glass they touch.

Tory started making craft cocktail syrups after looking at the back of a tonic bottle and coming to the startling realization that it was filled with processed ingredients and additives. She learned something trying her fair share of cocktail syrups. The flavors weren’t fully expressed because the ingredients weren’t balanced for dilution. Tory knew she had the solution.

Pratt Standard’s craft cocktail syrups are all made in the pre-Prohibition style, meaning they lack adulteration. They’re also made with ingredients authentic to the time period they’re styled after. Their Rich Simple Syrup is made with raw demerara sugar, similar to the type of raw sugar and residual molasses that would’ve been used in the original Old Fashioned.

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