About Prolijo Mezcal

The story goes that after making a batch, mezcal makers would leave their door open, allowing the guardian spirit of mezcal, Prolijo, to pour his essence into the spirit. This gave drinkers the ability to tell mesmerizing stories. Since 1974, Prolijo Mezcal has been telling the tale of mezcal, and it’s destined to end deliciously.

For owner Petronilo Rosario, handcrafted spirits are a lifelong passion. For generations, his family has been distilling mezcal and pulque, a spirit made from agave sap. Growing up around artisan distillers, Petronilo knows the mezcal traditions like the back of his hand. And he’s sharing them with the world.

Prolijo Mezcal does things the traditional way. The way that Petrolino’s family has been doing it since 1897. That means harvesting agave only at the peak of maturity. It means cooking the piñas in an in-ground oven and milling them with a donkey-drawn stone wheel tahona. Grab a bottle and taste the award-winning essence of Prolijo.

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