About Puget Sound Rum Company

Puget Sound Rum Company currently offers white, amber and honey-flavored rums. Their Rum 47 line is an homage to the location of their distillery that lies on the 47th parallel. But they bring the Pacific Northwest into their rum with their Comb and Cande Honey Flavored Rum. Using locally sourced honey, they infuse their rum for the perfect marriage of sugarcane and honeycomb sweetness.

On the banks of the Sammamish River in Woodinville, Washington, there’s a craft distillery bringing a little Caribbean flair to the Puget Sound. Founded as one-half of a distilling venture between long-time friends, Puget Sound Rum Company is making rum with the very best sugarcane South America has to offer.

Tom Kelley and Matt McMullen were both ready for changes in their sales careers. Tom has been rum-obsessed his entire life. His mother couldn’t drink grain-based alcohol, all they had was rum. So, when he and Matt banded together to form the distillery in 2015, Tom knew exactly where his focus would lie.

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