About R6 Distillery

Neighboring the shores of the Pacific Ocean is El Segundo, California’s R6 Distillery. Founded in 2014, the award-winning craft distillery was inspired by the enterprising history of founder Rob Rubens’ family. R6 Distillery is just the next chapter in the history books for the Rubens family.

Rob had always heard stories of his family’s entrepreneurial spirit, including tales of the Rubens Rialto Square Theatre in Illinois. Hearing about the excitement in the theatre during the Roaring 20s and Prohibition always inspired Rob. But it wasn’t until after an impromptu visit to a New Orleans-based rum distillery that he took the plunge into distillery ownership.

R6 Distillery’s award-winning line of craft spirits includes whiskey, bourbon and vodka. Their bourbons are the first to be produced in Los Angeles. First legally produced that is. But before you enjoy, a decision needs to be made. Do you want bourbon made from blue or yellow corn? R6 has both, and each will take you down a different journey.

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