About Ragged Branch

Deep in the lush Ragged Mountains of Charlottesville is a craft distillery bottling Virginia in every drop of their bourbon whiskeys. Three friends founded Ragged Branch with the desire to bring bourbon to the Ragged Mountains, then bring that bourbon to you.

Ragged Branch was founded in 2010 by friends Alex Toomy, Chris Sarpy and Russell Nance. With little experience between the three of them, they consulted craft distilling pioneer Dave Pickerell before getting started. He taught them the time-honored traditions of distilling straight bourbon whiskey and sent them on their way.

Ragged Branch is on a mission to craft excellent Virginia straight bourbon. To start on that mission, they use only locally-sourced ingredients. Their corn is grown on-site at the Ragged Branch distillery, or at their partner site Pounding Branch Farm. Their rye and wheat is sourced from other local farms. The resulting bottles of Rye and Wheated Bourbon Whiskeys are straight Virginia from the first sip.

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