About Red Bordner Distillery

With a half-century’s worth of distilling experience under his belt, Red Bordner decided it was time to open his distillery. In October 2014, he founded Red Bordner Distillery in Boiling Springs, South Carolina. Before long, he had a full roster of award-winning craft spirits including a blue agave spirit, rum and whiskey.

By 12 years old, Red Bordner had learned to make a mash. He spent his youth watching his family make moonshine. A tradition his family kept alive since their ancestors came from Ireland and Scotland in the 1700s. After a long career as an army aviator, industrial engineer, race car driver and BBQ master, Red knew it was time to go back to his roots.

Red Bordner Distillery’s first public offering was their award-winning South Carolina Blue Agave Silver. An instant winner in Red’s, and the public’s, eyes. Honoring his Irish-Scottish ancestors, Red Bordner Distillery presents its South Carolina Premium Whiskey. In every bottle, you’ll find over 300 years of Bordner family history.

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