About Red Cedar Spirits

Established back in 1998, Red Cedar Spirits in East Lansing is one of the oldest and largest distilleries in Michigan. Within the city limits, yet tranquilly located, their distillery puts the best that Michigan has to offer into each bottle of their craft spirits.

All of their expertly crafted spirits are distilled in artisan still, made from local fruit and grain. Red Cedar Spirits’ distinguished line of craft spirits includes vodkas, gins, whiskeys, brandies, and aged bourbons. Their unique spins on a wide range of craft spirits piques the interest of even more seasoned drinkers.

Convert gin naysayers by pouring them Red Cedar Spirits’ Red Raspberry Gin, distilled with locally sourced Michigan Raspberries. Their Apple Vodka is not just apple-flavored. They distill it using the juiciest Michigan apples. If you’re looking for variety and bold new flavors, you’ll find them inside the craft spirit bottles from this East Lansing staple.

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