About Reservoir Distillery

A hot-bed for breweries and distilleries, there’s a lot to love in the Richmond, Virginia neighborhood Scott’s Addition. In the heart of the neighborhood sits Reservoir Distillery. Founded by childhood best friends, it’s a craft distillery serving up award-winning whiskies since 2008.

Inspiration hit Jay Carpenter and David Cuttino when they were tailgating a Virginia Tech football game in 2007. The lifelong friends were sipping a bottle of premium bourbon. A little embarrassed at what they paid for the bottle, they started to think that for a price like that, surely they could make something better. One short year later, they founded Reservoir Distillery.

Reservoir Distillery’s award-winning Bourbon, Rye and Wheat Whiskies are all made with locally sourced Virginian grains. Each varietal is made with a mash bill of 100% of their respective grains. The whiskies are aged to perfection in five gallon barrels to expedite the aging process. Intricacies normally reserved for bottles aged 15-18 years, Reservoir Distillery is making in just two years.

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