About Revolution Spirits

Residents of Austin, Texas have long held the sentiment to ‘Keep Austin Weird’ about their city. With their singular range of award-winning craft spirits, Revolution Spirits may not be keeping Austin weird. But they’re more than doing their part to keep it unique.

When Revolution Spirits was founded in 2013, there weren’t too many distilleries dispersed across the streets of Austin. Like all good things Texas, Revolution Spirits does craft spirits big. From their self-proclaimed first Texan Amaro, Amico Amaro. To their collaboration with fellow Austiners Cuvee Coffee, Cafecito Coffee Liqueur and Chocolate Cafecito Coffee Liqueur.

When Revolution Spirits opened their doors, the distillery quickly made a name for itself with their Austin Reserve Gin. It’s an American contemporary-style gin that gets its flavors from an assortment of botanicals. But the bright spot in the bottle comes from Texas grapefruits. The Austin Reserve Gin isn’t alone. Bold Texan flavors populate each of their award-winning bottles.

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