About Ridge Runner Distillery

Flavored moonshines, vodka and whiskey round out Ridge Runner Distillery’s line. They have a moonshine for every season. Apple Pie Moonshine for winding down at the end of a hot summer day. Pumpkin Pie Moonshine to warm your bones in the dead of winter. Whatever you choose, it’ll remind you of mom’s pie. Fresh out of the oven.

Around most parts of the Appalachian Mountains, they were known as ‘moonshiners’ or ‘bootleggers.’ But in Southwestern Pennsylvania, they called them ‘ridge runners.’ Chalk Hill’s Ridge Runner Distillery salutes those historic figures and their legacies with every bottle of their craft spirits.

Ridge Runner Distillery’s owner, Christian W. Klay, founded the distillery when he was ready to hang his own shingle after working in his family’s winery. Training under his mother, he garnered a deep appreciation for the winemaking process, but his true passion was always with whiskey. In July 2015, he opened the doors to Ridge Runner Distillery. Fayette County’s first distillery since Prohibition.

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