About Rising Sun Distillery

When a high school social studies teacher and a software engineer get together in The Mile High City to renew their families’ distilling legacies, the result is award-winning craft spirits. Founded by a husband-wife team, Denver’s Rising Sun Distillery draws from their past to pave their future.

Though Rising Sun Distillery marks Dawn and Sol Richardson’s first foray into making spirits, the roots of their family trees are steeped in the distillation tradition. During Prohibition, Dawn’s family was bootlegging in copper mines. Meanwhile, in the Midwest, Sol’s family was distilling liquor from pears. Dawn and Sol founded Rising Sun Distillery in 2013.

Rising Sun Distillery’s award-winning line of craft spirits encompasses gins, vodka, liqueurs, brandy and whiskies. Dawn’s affinity for history shines through in their worldly Silk Road Gin. Made with spices native to Western Asia and Northern Africa, it’s a uniquely flavorful gin. And it would not be possible without the trade routes its named for.

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