About Roberson's Tennessee MelloMoon

A former pro-wrestler walks into a distillery. It’s not a joke. It’s the daily operations of Roberson’s Tennessee MelloMoon. They’re Piney Flats, Tennessee’s choice destination for award-winning moonshines. With a broad spectrum of flavors to choose from, they’ll make a moonshine lover out of you.

Owner Tiny Roberson’s distillation experience starts with his time in the Navy. Tasked with making seawater drinkable, he found his bearings on the distillation front. After 12 years working as a lab technician, Tiny started distilling small batches of moonshine in his garage. Friends and family quickly turned into loyal fans, and he founded the distillery in 2011.

Roberson’s Tennessee MelloMoon’s award-winning line of moonshines has something for everyone. If you want a traditional moonshine, they have their 100 Proof Sippin’ Shine and their 150 Proof Shine. If you’re looking for something flavored, you’ve got some options. Ranging from Strawberry and Banana to Apple Pie and Coconut, you’re sure to find something so satiate your hankering for good ol’ fashion moonshine.

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