About Rock Town Distillery

When Rock City Distillery was founded in 2010, they became the first distillery in Arkansas since Prohibition. More than a decade later, they remain the only distillery in the state’s capital, Little Rock. The craft distillery is beloved by the local community for its commitment to keeping things local.

Founder Phil Brandon was inspired by the early pioneers of the craft distilling movement. He was taken by how people around the country were putting their states’ best foot forward with undeniably delicious small batch spirits. A Little Rock native, Phil thought his city deserved the same treatment.

From day one, Rock Town Distillery stays true to their grain-to-glass inspirations. The corn, wheat, and rye used to make their craft whiskey are all grown and sourced within a 125-mile radius of the distillery. Take a trip down south with a bottle from Rock Town and its authentic taste of Arkansas.

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