About Royal Rose Syrups

There’s a simple mission behind Royal Rose. With their cocktail syrups and mixers, they aim to make life a little bit sweeter. And a lot more flavorful. Headquartered in Newcastle, Maine, their line of certified-organic craft cocktail syrups and mixers were inspired by a love of cocktails, mocktails, and all things organic.

Royal Rose wanted their cocktail syrups and mixers to be made with the same attention to detail as the craft spirits they were being mixed with. They use the same high quality ingredients, and they share an emphasis on sustainability. Other mixers and syrups can muddy a cocktail, and mask the flavors of the spirits. Royal Rose syrups and mixers reveal the true spirit.

Each of Royal Rose’s craft cocktail syrups and mixers are certified organic. They’re handcrafted from whole, locally sourced ingredients and made in small batches, their syrups and mixers provide a singularly rich drinking experience. From their simple syrups to their sour mix, these Maine-made products capture fresh flavors straight from the farm.

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