About Rumson's Rum

In ‘The City of Witches,’ New England’s most awarded rum brand is being guarded by two friendly Boxer dogs, Rumson and Goliath. Founded in 2014 by cousins Eric Glass and Steve Orne, Rumson’s Rum blends the finest aged Caribbean rums for a sip of sunshine during the New England winters.

For Eric and Steve, the rum business is part of their heritage. In the 1800s, their ancestors had a shipping company that would move goods from Massachusetts to the Caribbean islands. Often returning with rum. Eric and Steve’s ancestral love of rum was solidified at Steve’s family home in the Caribbean. Making great cocktails with local fruits, they wondered what it might be like to produce a high-quality rum.

Rumson’s Rum is headquartered in Salem, but their rums get their start a ways away. In Trinidad to be exact. The rums are imported and blended into Rumson’s four award-winning rums: Rumson’s Rum, Rumson’s Spiced Rum, Rumson’s Coffee Rum and Grand Reserve Rum. Each more deliciously adventurous than the last.

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