About Rusted Crow Spirits

Michigan is a state of hard working, can-do folks that only stop once the job’s been done. In Dearborn Heights, Rusted Crow Spirits brings that attitude and distills it into unmistakably distinct craft spirits.

Though he started Rusted Crow Spirits in 2014, Joe Schebel has made a career creating. He spent the first part of his career concocting captivating exhibits for some of the biggest companies on the globe like Ford, GM and Apple. But when economic times got tough and the work slowed, Joe was inspired to put his artistic talents into a new art form. Distilling. And Rusted Crow Spirits was born.

For Rusted Crow Spirits, ‘Made in Michigan’ is a badge of honor. All of their award-winning craft spirits are made with locally sourced Michigan ingredients. They specialize in the unique. Look no further than their Greystache Gin. A gin that’s added flavors of Earl Grey tea overpower the juniper, for a sip unlike any that you’ve had before. It’s a spirit that’s pioneering and can do. Just like the state of Michigan.

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