About Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs

Just like the international body of water it’s named after, Lacey, Washington’s Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs pulls inspiration from international flavors. The father-son owned and operated distillery has a long line of bright, award-winning liqueurs ready to boost any cocktail.

Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs was founded by Sam Desner in 2015. As a mixologist, Sam was always looking for the next best flavor to highlight in his cocktails. But he began having trouble finding liqueurs with punchy flavors to elevate his drinks. To fix the problem he saw, Sam teamed with his father, Sandy, and the two of them spent the next few years carefully curating fine organic ingredients from all corners of the globe.

Equipped with fine international ingredients, Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs started crafting their award-winning liqueurs. They use a unique cold maceration process to infuse wheat base spirits with their organic ingredients. Salish Sea produces their liqueurs one gallon at a time. Smaller batches means brighter flavors in every pour.

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