About Schnapsleiche Spirits

In a city surrounded by nearly 130 different wineries, a group of friends wanted to do something different. After seeing the endless supply of beautiful fruits and grains that Woodinville had to offer, the three friends went with the grain. In 2009, they opened their award-winning, Washington State distillery, Schnapsleiche Spirits.

Using the luscious local ingredients, Schnapsleiche Spirits distills worldly spirits with a distinctive Washington State craft flair. Schnaps, aquavit, geist, grappa, vodka and gin. Schnapsleiche Spirits does it all. There’s an important distinction for the team behind the craft spirits. The letter ‘p’. Schanpsleiche makes German-style schnaps, which literally translates to, ‘Any strong spirit.’ Not to be confused with the syrupy, American-style schnapps.

Schnapsleiche Spirits’ award-winning Bierschnaps is the perfect marriage of Woodinville and German-style schnaps. They teamed with local brewing staple, Dirty Bucket Brewing Company. Taking the brewery’s best-selling India Pale Ale, they double distill the beer for a delightfully hoppy spirit that’s idiosyncratically Woodinville.

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