About Silver Tree Beer and Spirits

Three brothers work the land at their 5th generation organic farm in Paxton, Illinois. With a desire to share their farm with the world, these farming brothers became distilling brothers. In 2017, the Glaziks opened Silver Tree Beer & Spirits because the best way to share their land with the world is over a couple drinks.

Brothers Will, Clay, and Dallas were inspired by their farm. They’ve always been infatuated with the fact that all food and drink comes from the earth, and they believe the best foods and flavors come from experimentation. Doing things just a tad bit differently than the next person. The Glazik boys applied that concept to their spirits.

From grain to glass, Silver Tree Beer & Spirits’ entire process is controlled by the brothers. They grow and care for the certified organic heirloom grain. They harvest it. Mash it. Distill it. And when the time comes, it’s Will, Dallas, and Clay’s hands putting the corks in the bottle.

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