About Solar Spirits

Powering anything with 100% renewable energy is a difficult feat, let alone a craft distillery, but that’s exactly what Richland, Washington’s award-winning Solar Spirits was able to attain. With 300 days of sunshine per year, Solar Spirits uses that shine to distill some of the brightest craft spirits around.

Solar Spirits got its start at a Tri-Cities entrepreneurial weekend. Separated into groups to come up with mock business plans, Solar Spirits’ founders devised a plan for a purely solar-powered distillery. And just like that, Khurshed Sharifov, Kris Lapp, Brett Spooner and James Batdorf knew they had a winner on their hands. The distillery opened its doors in 2015.

Their award-winning gin, brandy, vodka and pre-made Cosmic Cosmo are made with the finest ingredients that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. With the use of their solar tubes, Solar Spirits’ entire distillation process is powered by the Sun. If you’re looking for some liquid warmth, look no further than a distillery that puts the power of the sun in every bottle.

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