About Sourland Mountain Spirits

On the rich farmlands at the foot of the Sourland Mountains sits New Jersey’s first farm distillery since Prohibition. Founded in 2015, Hopewell’s Sourland Mountain Spirits is distilling the essence of The Garden State into their award-winning gin and vodka.

Before founding Sourland Mountain Spirits, Ray Disch had a string of successful local ventures. He has a construction background, he’s worked in federal offices, founded an energy company, a home improvement company and even a brewery. But in late 2014, Ray was ready for a new challenge. With craft distilling’s newly legal status, opening a distillery in his hometown felt like the perfect challenge.

The Sourland Mountains’ history makes it the perfect place for a distillery. It’s a history rich with bootleggers, rebels, farmers, craftsmen and artisans. For each bottle of their award-winning gin and vodka, Sourland Mountain Spirits draws water from an aquifer at the base of the Sourland Mountains and uses ingredients from local farmers. The resulting sips are authentically New Jersey start to finish.

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