About Southern Pride Distillery

If your great grandmother is smuggling her liquor recipe between the pages of the family bible, there’s a strong chance that distilling spirits is in your future. That’s the case for Fayetteville, Tennessee’s award-winning Southern Pride Distillery and its owner, Randy Trentham.

Randy met his distilling partner, Tim Shavers, while they were working at arguably the most famous Tennessee whiskey distillery on the planet. But Randy always had his great grandmother’s bible recipe in his back pocket, knowing that distilling his own whiskey and moonshine was what he was meant to be doing. So, in 2012, he and Tim set out to establish Southern Pride Distillery.

Working off Randy’s generational family recipe, Southern Pride uses locally sourced corn and water from a spring just outside of the distillery. With that simple combination, they’re able to produce a long line of award-winning flavored moonshines and whiskeys. Each bottle is there to help fill you up with a little southern pride of your own.

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