About Spice Note Tequila

Born and raised in a home of shared Eastern and Western cultures, Sheetal Bhagat has always had a love of food and spice. Her home was filled with abundant aromas of her mother cooking with exotic East Indian spices. The family would come together over those spices, sharing food and drink, and creating memories.

With time, those same spices found their way into Sheetal's cocktail recipes. And what a difference they would make! It was as though all of those recipes were totally reinvented. Sheetal did the same with tequila, reinventing the traditional agave spirit by infusing it with East Indian spices. The result is Spice Note Tequila.

It took three years for Spice Note Tequila to perfect their infusion method. But once they did, they wasted no time infusing the spices of Sheetal’s childhood into high quality tequila blanco. The proprietary method creates spirits as versatile as the spices they’re flavored with. Spice Note Tequila is the spice cabinet for your bar cart.

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