About Spirit of Texas

In the city of Pflugerville, Texas, 'Where Quality Meets Life,' a group of buddies opened Spirit of Texas. Their distillery is bent on producing high-quality, reasonably priced craft spirits that bring joy to those who taste them.

An engineer by trade, Pflugerville native Shaun Siems spent his off time home-brewing beers and dreaming of opening a distillery with his friends. In 2009, the dream became reality when Shaun and friends opened Spirit of Texas. The team first started distilling out of a homemade three-gallon still, but when the time came to ramp up production they were stymied by the high cost of equipment. Still engineers, they studied and built twin 150-gallon stills themselves. The rest is award-winning history.

Spirit of Texas’ entire line of award-winning craft spirits infused the tastes and attitudes of Texas. From their inaugural Straight Silver Rum and Pfluger Single Malt Whiskey, to their unrivaled Pecan Street Rum, the only rum in America made with shelled Texas pecans.

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